Hello there!

Thanks for checking out my website. I'm Bruno Opsenica and I've recently decided to try and make my hobby of learning about 3D programming and computer graphics into a career. In order to do that, I've created this blog as a way of chronicling the things I'm learning about. It's meant to be a mechanism to make my learning visible to others, get feedback and (eventually, hopefully) provide help to others if they decide to go down the same path. You can see examples of my work on the portfolio page or in my Github profile.

I live in Toronto, and work as a software engineer at a startup called Delphia. Before that, I worked at the direct precursor of Delphia, Vox Pop Labs, where I got an opportunity to build a few different interactive data visualizations, like Vote Compass and Echoes1.

Before that, I attended the University of Toronto where I specialized in Physics and graduated in 2012. It was while taking courses on fluid mechanics and geophysics that I discovered my love of programming, and a fourth year course in computer graphics sealed my fate.

I'm currently looking for work as a graphics programmer! If you are interested, you can contact me directly, or download a copy of my resume.


1: Not sure how long this link will actually stay up! The project launched in late 2017, but appears to still be available.