Hello there!

I'm Bruno Opsenica. I've recently decided to try and make my hobby of learning about 3D programming and computer graphics into a career. In order to do that, I've created this blog as a way of chronicling the things I'm learning about. It's meant to be a mechanism to make my learning visible to others, get feedback and (eventually, hopefully) provide help to others if they decide to go down the same path.

I live in Toronto, and work as a software engineer at a startup called Delphia. Before that, I worked at the direct precursor of Delphia, Vox Pop Labs, where I got an opportunity to build a few different interactive data visualizations, like Vote Compass and Echoes1.

Before that, I attended the University of Toronto where I specialized in Physics and graduated in 2012. It was while taking courses on fluid mechanics and geophysics that I discovered my love of programming, and a fourth year course in computer graphics sealed my fate.

[1] Not sure how long this link will actually stay up!